Preliminaries - Measuring Your Deck
Simply measure the area you wish to cover and order
sufficient tiles.
1 tile = 12" inches x 12 inches (1sq ft.)
1 box of 10 tiles covers 10 sq ft.

Installing Your Deck
This operation could not be easier. Simply align the
interlocking tabs, press, click and you’re done! The
state-of-the-art design requires no nails, adhesives,
sanding or staining and remains stationary without
cement or anchoring.
Should it be necessary the tiles can easily be cut to
shape, with handsaw or jigsaw to accommodate pipes,
posts or boundary walls. Alternatively rather than
cutting the tiles you can border them with decorative
stones, like these two examples from our testimonials
page: Image 1 - Image 2

Installation on uneven surfaces
The tiles can cope with up to 5mm of disparity in height
from one tile to the next but holes or drops under tile
joints would need to be repaired of bridged. Particularly
cracked or uneven surfaces may require repairing, or
the use of a rubber underlay. We currently specify a
recycled rubber product, that is simply rolled out and
cut in with a Stanley knife, the matting is porous so
water flows off following the existing fall of the surface .
The matting also offers excellent sound proofing
qualities as well as adding a pleasant cushioned feel of
the decking. The matting is available in 6mm 8mm and
10mm thicknesses. Please ask for details.

For further information on installation, or maintence
please see our F.A.Q. section.

Design Online
Design your Deck using our handy online planning tool,
quickly and easily enabling you to view alternative
layouts whilst calculating your tile requirements.

*  Quick & Easy Installation
*  No Mess
*  A Hardwood Deck in a Day
The Best  Outdoor flooring...period