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Eco Decks™
ECO Decks is a high quality award winning deck tile
flooring system. Our deck tile products are designed to
cover any exterior hard surface, quickly and easily
transforming it into a durable fast fit outdoor floor.  
there is only one Eco Decking Tile and it is only
available through us.  There are many imitations that
have sprung up on the market since we introduced this
product in 2005, but none compare to the original.

The unique modular tiles could not be easier to use-
each one is backed with a weatherproof polypropylene
base that simply clicks together, in fact a whole floor
can be laid by one person in just a few minutes or an
hour or so (depending on size). Call us for pricing and
order information at
1 866 326 4418

More uses than conventional
Ideal for patios, walkways, decking resurfacing; hot tub
surrounds; porch and entrance ways, etc. The Tiles
can easily be cut to shape and can even be used in
situations where conventional decking would not be
suitable such as balconies and roof gardens.
*  No Complicated Construction
*  No adhesives
*  No mess
*  Easy snap and click system,      
   installs in minutes
*  Strong, durable Certified timber
*  Weatherproof polypropylene     
     interlocking frame base
*  Ecologically certified timber
Sustainable Lumber
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information about our award
winning deck tiles
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