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About our company

ECO Decks  is a patented carriage frame/lumber
product which utilizes precious hardwoods and a
high quality interlocking system.  Our deck tiles
bring homeowners the highest quality deck tiles at
the right price.  We are the first in the industry  to
produce a integrated interlocking snap together
carriage under-layment..  Eco Decks distributes
our own high quality
decking tiles to customers in
the United States and Canada and is part of the
Eco Decks Network of Suppliers in the United
States. The recently launched network of suppliers
can be accessed through

www.   Our factory in Santa
Cruz Bolivia is an  ISO/FSC certified facility with the
highest build standards.   Eco Arbor Designs for
Eco Decks, believes in a personalized attention
and service, our staff is here to answer any
questions and give you the best possible attention
to your decking tile needs.
ECO Decks  California Offices

Speak to a live qualified Deck Tile specialist
Office Phone toll Free: 866 326 4418

ECO Decks Southern California Office/
Office/distribution Center

Direct Phone Office Headquarters: 831 359 4435

(all west coast orders shipped from valencia CA
all east Coast orders shipped  from Long
Island, NY.  Hawaii orders are shipped in
Hawaii!  yes,  we have stock there to.
ECO DECKS Tm.  Deck tiles
and interlocking systems